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Running promotions can be hazardous. There can be problems with laws or codes, with internal fraud or integrity issues and with ‘Scampers'; those who seek to break into your promotion unfairly.

We will work with you, and your end client, to ensure that your promotions are executed successfully, compliantly and cost-effectively. Our legal expertise covers the UK, Europe and Rest of World, as well as print, web and social media across virtually all trade sectors.

We can even advise you how best to achieve your client’s objectives with our extensive experience of different kinds of promotional techniques and their feasibility. Whether we are visible to the client or not, the end result is always an effective promotion and a client that is pleased that you have taken steps to protect their promotion and brand.

Is it worth risking the reputation of the brand and that of your agency?

We help you and your client to sleep at night by taking care of all the boring work whilst you get on with what you know best.


The Main Rules.

In the UK these are covered by the CAP Code (Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing) administered by the ASA.  Key points are:

  • Prize Draws – Winners selected by chance and independently.
  •  Instant Wins – Winners distributed randomly, and supported by an independent audit  statement.
  •  Competitions – At least one independent judge
  • Prize Winner lists – To be available upon request

Read more about the rules here


Select PromoVeritas and Relax.

We can assist you to deliver a successful promotion in a number of ways;

Call us on 0203 301 7360 or email for further information.







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For over ten years we have been ensuring the promotional compliance and the success of some of the biggest and best brands.

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What are the risks if you don’t bother to make sure your promotion is compliant? Is the reputation of your brand or your agency at stake?
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PromoVeritas cover compliance in the UK and all across Europe and beyond using our own extensive experience and a network of Marketing Law specialists in over 40 countries. Read More 

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