Comping Queen Spills the Beans
17 Jun 2013 Back

Comping Queen Spills the Beans

PromoVeritas asked Di Coke, a writer for Compers News and blogger to tell us why compers deserve some credit and not just our prizes.



"With the increased use of social media, compers are beneficial to promoters in more ways than ever. The average comper will have hundreds – often thousands – of Facebook friends and a couple of thousand Twitter followers too. Rather than worry about how to get a promotion noticed, simply drop it into the lap of a comper and watch it go viral. Most compers are a chatty bunch, and love to share competitions with their friends - there are only a handful who work alone. Give an option for compers to share or refer for extra entries, and entry numbers will grow exponentially as news spreads across Facebook and forums. The joy of Facebook is that eventually the link will spread beyond comping circles to 'normal' friends – the Facebook users who rarely like brand pages and who would otherwise not be exposed to marketing campaigns.

For purchase necessary competitions, compers know the chance of a win is high so are always on the lookout for the latest on-pack and in-store promotions. They may buy a brand just to enter a competition, but if if it's a quality product and the promotion is well organised then they are likely to be loyal to that brand in future. And it's true that sometimes compers stockpile products in order to enter multiple times – but most will be passing those extra products on to family, friends and charities, who may in turn become loyal to that brand.


On receiving their prize, most compers will thank the promoter. In the past this may have been via letter or email, but now it's more likely to be a Tweet or Facebook post. This is great for promoters, as it's bonus publicity for the brand - the comper's post or photo will be seen by all their Facebook friends, plus all the visitors to the Facebook page, or they can retweet the winner's thank you message. Compers love interacting with brands on Facebook and want to be appreciated – the handful of companies that have dared to criticise the comping community have fallen foul of an ugly backlash.


Compers are often very good at spotting problems with promotions – they'll read the T&Cs and let promoters know of any discrepancies or missing information. They're quick to speak up and offer advice – sometimes this may be rather blunt, but it's usually useful – try launching a voting competition to see the backlash and advice you get! But amongst the moaning you'll learn that you should be doing reverse image searches, checking Facebook votes are genuine and that your Twitter winner has only entered from a single account. Compers generally want a competition or prize draw to be run fairly – and promoters should too.


If a promoter launches a creative competition where time and effort is required, lots of compers will enter. Those entries are likely to be very good, because compers know that if they try hard, there's a good chance of winning - whereas 'normal' people out there still have the mistaken belief that "nobody ever wins these things!" and don't put in the effort. Encourage compers to enter early and you'll have some quality entries to get the ball rolling, tempting others to have a go.


If you want to spread the word about your new promotion, you can get in touch via or tweet me @superluckydi. I'll be delighted to share it for you - as long as it's not voting!"


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