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Despite decades of membership of the EU, there is still no common market when it comes to the rules relating to running promotions in different countries across Europe.

•    Some countries such as Sweden, ban all forms of games of chance, whether linked to purchase or not.
•    Others, such as Italy and Portugal have complicated processing for gaining Government authorisation for any sort of prize promotion,
•    While others are more liberal but charge taxes on the value of the prizes
•    Then there are countries with other odd requirements - for instance France, where those entering online must be able to reclaim the cost of internet usage
•    Finally there are often complicated arrangements for cross border online promotions that need to be adhered to.

Trying to run a promotion in just one country is tough, but many of our clients seek to run their activities in multiple countries for simplicity, brand synergy and cost efficiency.

How can it be done ?  Over the years we have built up an amazing network of lawyers on the ground in local countries who are able to provide the same practical, straightforward advice that we normally do. With them we can format your promotion, draft terms & conditions, obtain the necessary clearances and sort out local taxes etc. It can be challenging but something is always possible.

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