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Running promotions in many countries can involve compliance with numerous countries laws and codes

Lawyers and specialist agencies may know the details of these rules, and you may have compliant terms and conditions, but rarely will a lawyer get involved in the most vulnerable aspect of any promotion – its implementation and fair winner selection. That is what makes PromoVeritas unique.

We cover compliance in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World using our own extensive experience and a network of Marketing Law specialists in over 40 countries.

Whether it is advice on sorting out the paperwork for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Italy, gaining a licence in Turkey or translating terms and conditions in Indonesia, we can assist. Or perhaps you want to run a cross-border/multi-country promotion or for simplicity consider a‘cloud-based’ promotions that can avoid huge logistical issues. Using PromoVeritas to take care of all the legal aspects for your worldwide promotions makes sound business sense. We can help with;
•    reviewing promotional mechanics country by country,
•    advising on ‘cloud’ based mechanics that reduce time and costs
•    drafting Terms and Conditions for individual countries
•    obtaining the necessary approvals and authorisations, paying the required taxes and
•    ensuring the promotion is carried out correctly
•    plus our team of auditors can oversee manufacturing processes, prize seeding and all aspects of winner selection

Our team have all the skills required to keep your brand free from risk in a cost effective way.
 All of our work is backed by our global £5 million Professional Indemnity Cover (exc USA).

Plus of course we are often asked to assist overseas clients wanting to run promotions in the UK.

Call us on 0203 301 7360 or email for further information.

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We ensure the compliant, smooth running of your client’s promotion and take over the more risky parts allowing you to relax and concentrate on what you do best.

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Our independent involvement reassures the public that a promotion is being run fairly, leading to a higher uptake and building stronger trust in the brand. Read More   

 We Help Promoters To Sleep At Night   020 3301 7360 

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