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Think compliance is easy – then test yourself with these questions. If you have problems answering all of them correctly then you definitely need PromoVeritas. For clues see the Codes and Law .


1. For your latest competition, you get over 50,000 entries . Do you:

A. Put all the entries in a sack and just pull the winner out randomly.
B. Take the time and the money to read and judge every one even if it will cost a lot more.
C. Panic and claim there was a fire, and amazingly only your mother's entry survived.


2. For your next Text & Win Prize Draw, do you:

A. Leave it to the IT department to sort out how to select the winners.
B. Conduct the draw yourself whenever you feel like it.
C. Get the draw conducted either independently or under independent supervision.


3. Who do you get to judge your competition tiebreakers?:

A. The account executive from the promotions agency.
B. The Chairman of your company.
C. A truly independent service such as PromoVeritas.


4. You are running a prize draw that offers one prize, but consumers can enter by post, text or a ‘No Purchase Necessary’ route via the post. How do you select the winner? Do you :

A. Just open up the spreadsheet of the text entries and select the winner from there.
B. Print off all the emails and texts, and put them into a big sack with all the postal entries.
C. Do none of the above, it’s all too much effort! Just call PromoVeritas?


5. You are planning an Instant Win in-pack promotion with 25 prizes. How do you arrange their distribution. Do you:

A. Get the Factory Manager to insert them all in the first day's production.
B. Distribute 20 yourself across the production, and keep 5 back in case anyone wins via the 'No Purchase Necessary' route.
C. Call in the experts to fairly and randomly seed all the packs, help set up a 'No Purchase Necessary' route if required, and issue a Verification Certificate to show that all has been done properly.


6.You get over 1000 'No Purchase Necessary' (NPN) entries for your latest Instant Win promotion that is offering 10 prizes across 1 million regular packs. What do you do?:

A. Take 2 winning packs out of the main run and allocate them randomly to those entering via NPN.
B. Ensure that you apply the same chance of winning to NPNs as per the main production run, even if this may result in more prizes being awarded to non-paying entrants.
C. Ignore those entering via the NPN route - after all they failed to even purchase the product so why bother.


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