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Our expertise of Adjudicating or Independent Judging will ensure your promotion's success.

Making sure that the competition you have spent months organising runs smoothly is a vital but often overlooked aspect of the campaign. Care is required on all the details, from choosing the level of skill to who and how you are going to choose the winners.

The requirement is that there is a least one judge who is ”independent of the promoter and their intermediaries” and they should be ‘competent in the subject matter” CAP Code 8.26. This is where PromoVeritas comes in – we can either judge all the entries and submit the winner to you, or provide a shortlist and act as part of a panel and oversee the final judging with you, the agency or the client, as fellow judges. Either way, we will ensure that the entire process is fully compliant and fair.

Additionally we can organise receipt of the entries, electronically or paper, establish the judging criteria, select an appropriate judging panel once the finalists have been selected manage the winners and their names on our website. Whether you are running a quiz, a simple question, a complex puzzle challenge or a spot the ball mechanic, PromoVeritas can assist and take the boring bits of you.

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We ensure the compliant, smooth running of your client’s promotion and take over the more risky parts allowing you to relax and concentrate on what you do best.

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We guarantee that the BBC and other broadcasters satisfy Ofcom and PP+ licence regulations with our highly specialist knowledge and assistance. Read More


Our independent involvement reassures the public that a promotion is being run fairly, leading to a higher uptake and building stronger trust in the brand. Read More   

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