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PromoVeritas has enormous expertise working on terms and conditions on many different types of promotions in the UK and throughout the world in countless languages and with an understanding of the technicalities required in different countries.

We can either draft or check your promotion’s terms and conditions to ensure that they meet the compliance regulations of the ASA and Ofcom.

The terms and conditions of a promotion are the contract between the promoter and the public and must be carefully written to ensure that both parties are protected from misuse. We have written the terms and conditions for hundreds of clients and thousands of promotions and can offer a competitive and efficient service that guarantees no comeback for your promotion and for your brand. 

In the UK the CAP Code states the sort of information promoters should give consumers in the Terms and Conditions and when that information should be available.  Broadly, rule 8.17 lists ‘significant’ conditions which often appear in the initial advertising material, and rule 8.28 states conditions which should be stated before or at the time of entry.  In short, T&Cs that are likely to affect a consumer’s understanding of the promotion should be upfront so that promoters do not cause unnecessary disappointment.

This is just an example of some of the rules for UK promotional T&Cs and remember that there are different rules across Europe and the rest of the world.

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