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6th April 2020
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28th April 2020

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At PromoVeritas our mission is to ensure that the world of promotions is safe and fair for both the promoters and the public. One of our core brand values is ‘agility’, the ability to adapt and be responsive to unexpected changes. This is something that is vital during the current COVID-19 crisis. Some brands have just put up the shutters and will try to hibernate or ride out the storm. Others have come out fighting. Here is our selection of some of the best examples of businesses learning to bend to allow them to give back or suit the needs of others.

Budweiser have launched their Save Pub Life gift card scheme to pre-purchase drinks at their local pubs as a way of helping pubs to survive the current ‘lock out’.

Deliveroo have pledged 500,000 free meals for NHS staff whilst encouraging users to donate a meal here.

Crocs are very popular in hospitals because they are both comfortable and easy to clean. With the crisis in mind, Crocs are giving away a pair of free shoes to healthcare workers.

Danish supermarket Meny overcame panic buying with smart pricing –  buy one bottle of hand sanitiser for €5 , but, using the same software that does multibuys, but in reverse, if you bought two or more bottles they were priced at over €100.

Inventor James Dyson responded to an NHS call for equipment by putting his whole Research & Development onto the task of making low cost ventilators for the NHS.

Tottenham football club’s new £1 billion White Hart Lane stadium is being used as a Covid 19 testing centre as well as a food distribution centre for the vulnerable.

SAS the Swedish airline has grounded most of its planes, but is retraining its staff as healthcare workers. Most in flight crew already have advanced first aid skills.

As well as creating and distributing over 200,000 hand sanitisers to the healthcare system, Brewdog, the maverick brewery is recreating all of its 48 UK bars as online pubs and hosting interactive quizzes, beer tasting, live music and comedy.

The sign of a strong brand is its ability to think on its feet and bounce back from any situation. The brands above are proving that it is important to think of the public before the bottom line. They are doing it in ways that are clever and genuine, but still inline with core brand values. The public will remember them long after the crisis is over.

Our team of experts can help shape and implement any campaign or promotion you might have in mind during these unprecedented times. To get in touch simply email info@promoveritas.com.

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