Our dedicated team for American Express

PromoVeritas have recently undergone some internal changes to the way that we are structured when it comes to the teams that work on client promotions. This is so we can ensure each promotion is handled in the right way, by the same people to result in consistency across the board.

Instead of having one client relationship manager and a pool of Project Managers working ad-hoc on individual activities, there will now be an American Express ‘Client Cluster’ consisting of a dedicated team that will be aligned to your promotions ongoing. The outcome will be greater continuity and better communication between our team and yours, ensuring all American Express promotions that we work on, are run even more efficiently and effectively.

PromoVeritas have been an approved, preferred supplier to Amex since 2014. Since then, PromoVeritas has worked closely with Amex marketing and compliance teams directly, as well as many of their marketing agencies so that you can run prize promotions without a worry – whether purchase associated, as part of a brand partnership or when leveraging Amex’s sponsorship of an event.

Lets meet the team…

Amy Powell

Continuing to head up the American Express team from the account management side is Client Relationship Manager, Amy Powell.  Amy started at PromoVeritas in January 2014 and took on American Express in the November that same year. Since then she has worked with numerous teams at Amex and their agencies to assist on countless promotions. Amy can get involved at any stage of project planning, but can also help with scoping out the best entry mechanic and prizes for a potential promotion and advise on overseas incentives as well as the more typical UK based promotions.

Michael Bouvier

Leading from the operation side is Project Manager Michael Bouvier who will be supported by a core team of Project Executives to carry out all the project work. The core team will consist of Jess Munn, Euan Barnes and Sarah El-Homsi. Working closely together as a cluster solely for American Express, will ensure that every promotion whether it be simple or complex, this team will be your main port of call.

We are confident that this is the right move for American Express and we look forward to working with you on more promotions in the future. If you wish to discuss anything further please contact Amy directly on 07860640690 or email amy.powell@promoveritas.com.