No more registrations for promotions in Argentina

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13th February 2018
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16th March 2018

The Argentine government have recently ended their National Lottery, and with it the requirement for advertisers to register prize draws and competitions, making it much simpler to run promotions there!

Until now only local businesses or overseas companies with a local subsidiary registered in Argentina were able to register their sweepstake or contest there. This made it impossible for international promoters to run promoters there – even with our worldwide network of lawyers PromoVeritas have advised our clients to avoid the region.

Now, as the Latin American market grows, it will prove to be a popular and easy region for promoters to feature in. Paula Pfizenmaier, Partner of Randle Legal in Buenos Aires commented “This is a great opportunity for local and foreign companies interested in launching contests and promotions in Argentina,We have to wait and see whether a new registration requirement will be instituted.”

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