3 May 2023

Another greenwashing culprit bites the dust.

Jack Rogers Etihad has been added to the ASA’s ever-growing greenwashing hit list as a result of two of their paid-for Facebook ads seen in October […]
26 April 2023

FCA and ASA Fin-influencer fanfare 

Jack Rogers Financial freedom, retiring by 30 and earning hundreds of thousands through passive financial investments all sound like the dream. Amid a cost-of-living crisis and […]
19 April 2023

Crypto Promotions under the Microscope with new Legislation.

Jack Rogers The UK government has published new legislation that will extend the scope of financial promotion restrictions to include financial promotions for certain cryptoassets, following […]
14 April 2023

Back 2 Basics: Games of Skill

Jack Rogers In our latest Back to Basics, Senior Paralegal, Emily Vickers focuses on games of skill otherwise known as competitions. But first, why Run a […]
12 April 2023

The European Commission’s proposed Green Claims Directive

Jack Rogers Protecting the environment is on the agenda for most businesses and consumers. We are seeing an increasing number of promotions linked to creating a […]
5 April 2023

A TikTok time bomb goes boom!

Jack Rogers TikTok has been fined £12.7 million by the UK’s data watchdog for breaking the law on the protection of children’s data. What’s the TEA?   […]
3 April 2023

AI, ChatGPT and Marketing – what’s all the fuss about !

Jack Rogers There has been an enormous amount of chatter about ChatGPT over the last few months within the marketing industry. Many have considered it to […]
30 March 2023

The Specialist World of Controlled Product Placement (CPP)

Jack Rogers   Controlled Prize Placement (CPP) is one of the most exciting prize promotional techniques that brands can run, and they can excite consumers, trade […]
28 March 2023


Jack Rogers   The increased popularity in recent years of E-cigarettes, particularly among teenagers who are not former or current smokers has not gone unnoticed. A […]