Cadbury – Gooless Egg

PromoVeritas provided:

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  • Winner Management

In 2012 Mondelēz International came to us with a trade campaign aimed at increasing Cadbury’s retail presence and market share. In most convenience stores brands struggle to stand-out on over-crowded shelves and it is vital that both the products and their point of sale displays (POS) are featured prominently to encourage sales, especially for impulse-buy items such as the iconic Cadbury Creme Egg.

The Gooless campaign involves 100 special eggs created at Bournville under PromoVeritas’ watchful eye to look identical to other Creme Eggs but have no filling or ‘goo’. We then carefully wrap them in an instant-win coupon that entitles the finder to a cash prize of up to £1000 and distribute them fairly and securely in stores throughout the UK. Although this is a consumer promotion, it is primarily an incentive for the trade to position Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and the Gooless POS prominently because wherever a Gooless egg is found the store owner receives a corresponding prize in either Mondelez or Love2shop vouchers. Aside from the need to ensure CAP Code Compliance (winning tickets need an independent audit statement to show fair distribution) Mondelēz know that instant win campaigns carry brand and financial risk. By using PromoVeritas they have ensured the integrity of the promotion and restful nights for the marketing team.

The PromoVeritas touch

As independent verification experts for Mondelēz, PromoVeritas have handled the end to end creation, distribution and random placement of the Gooless campaign’s winning eggs every year since 2013. In addition we provide a dedicated ‘Cadbury Hotline’ for winners – both trade and consumer – to claim their prizes. We validate each one to ensure it is genuine and then carry out our favourite service – sending out the prizes and making Cadbury customers even more joyful. The success and popularity of Gooless has inspired Mondelēz to launch other seasonal instant win campaigns such as ‘Ghooost Eggs’ at Halloween and ‘Wini Eggs’ for summer, secure in the knowledge that PromoVeritas are there to keep them safe and sound.

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