Cadbury White Creme Egg

In 2018, Mondelēz UK decided to recreate their annual Cadbury Creme Egg marketing campaign with one big difference – limited edition Cadbury White Creme Eggs were hidden in selected convenience stores and supermarkets across the UK creating an internet and in-store frenzy that took the nation by storm.

What we did

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Controlled Product Placement
  • Winner management
  • Fulfilment

PromoVeritas worked directly with Mondelēz UK to plan and implement this 13 week promotion which ran from January to Easter 2018. We drafted the Terms and Conditions and then set to work hand-wrapping winning tickets in over 400 white eggs. PromoVeritas then masterminded the controlled product placement of the eggs worth £1000 and £100 across mainland UK ensuring that coverage was spread evenly on a weekly basis throughout the promotion at stores with the correct POS on display.

Finders of winning tickets would call PromoVeritas’ dedicated Claims Line and have our team verify their claims before sending out the prize cheques. The promotion also incentivised trade participation by rewarding the store where a winning egg was located with £1000 of vouchers. PromoVeritas tracked these stores using the unique codes planted on the winning tickets and informed the store manager of their win, before sending out the prizes.

The PromoVeritas Touch

PromoVeritas have supported Mondelez UK with their Cadbury promotions since 2012. Our expertise in running large-scale on-pack promotions means that we prevent mistakes and help plan for all outcomes. The overwhelming success of the Cadbury White Creme Egg promotion was something we could never have predicted but the promotion ran smoothly and resulted in countless happy winners.