Dairylea Moo Case Study


Mondelēz UK ran a £1.2 million promotion on packs of Dairylea Cheese Spreads, Dunkers and Triangles giving families the chance to win one of 10 holidays of a lifetime, as well as one of 20,000 moo-ing fridge cows.

What We Did

From conception all the way through to the winner management, the team at PromoVeritas worked closely with Mondelēz and their agency to ensure that a promotion of this scale ran smoothly and complied fully with the ASA CAP Code.

A unique feature of the promotion was that the ten main prizes were to be awarded to those consumers who found one of ten specially created Dairylea packs that literally moo-ed when opened.  The light activated packs were specially made-using 3D printing- by PromoVeritas and were randomly distributed by PromoVeritas in supermarkets around the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We worked extensively with the Clients’ technical teams to ensure that the special packs were indistinguishable from normal ones in look, weight and feel and met all necessary safety standards. We were also involved in generating the thousands of pack codes, pack design, and even selecting the most realistic ‘Moo’ recording to use.

The PromoVeritas Touch

The Dairylea Moo promotion had a fun and irreverent outlook but as the leading UK processed cheese brand it was essential that the mechanic was handled expertly and that the pack was made to the same high quality standards that consumers expect of the Dairylea brand. Overseeing the 3D printing of an identical, replica cheese triangle to guarantee customers couldn’t cheat was a vital element of the promotional verification process for us. The promotion was a resounding success and satisfied customers were treated to holidays as far flung as New York, Dubai, Mexico and a castle in the UK.