Codes & Law

Secure in our knowledge.

Keeping up with the latest regulations for promotions around the world can be a headache, especially once you add the rules for social media platforms into the mix. Ensuring that your promotion is being run fairly and by the book is what PromoVeritas are all about. Our team of in-house lawyers, account managers, security experts and IT specialists can shape and implement online, offline and broadcast promotions all over the world that are problem free.

About 50% of our work is for activities run overseas, so for more information on the rules and regulations of running promotions in places from Spain to Sweden, India to Israel, Azerbaijan to America. Other areas that frequently cause marketers issues is compliance with the various Data Protection laws. Again, our level headed, pragmatic approach will provide you with just the right amount of information to make your decisions.

From conducting legal reviews, to drafting terms & conditions to conducting prize draws, judging entries and overseeing voting promotions – ask PromoVeritas. Find out more about our extensive experience of Codes and Laws here: