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World class promotions run securely

Running promotions in many countries can be difficult. Every country has its own legislation, language, culture and red-tape to navigate. The penalty for a badly run promotion can be a huge fine or even prison and whilst corporate or even local lawyers may know some of the details they won’t have the full picture, nor can they take care of the implementation efficiently. This is what makes PromoVeritas unique – we set out to be the world’s promotional compliance experts.

Since 2002 we have developed a bank of knowledge and a wealth of experience running promotions of every kind in over 72 countries. Whether we are giving advice on arranging the paperwork for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Italy, administering a licence in Turkey or translating terms and conditions in 16 languages, we are happy to assist.

If you want to run a promotion anywhere in the world we can carry out a legal review to determine if there are any obstacles or best practices to consider and then offer the most appropriate advice. It might that we suggest avoiding certain countries due to their complexity, or adjusting the mechanic, or clustering certain countries with similar laws together. Sometimes a cloud-based solution is best for complex cross-border promotions. Our goal is always to be able to say ‘YES’, even if there is the occasional ‘but’ involved. We want to help brands push the boundaries and venture into new markets whist avoiding the hassle and also the risks of running promotions somewhere unknown.

Some of the ways we can help if you want to run overseas promotions are;

  • reviewing promotional mechanics country by country,
  • advising on ‘cloud’ based mechanics that reduce time and costs
  • drafting and localising Terms and Conditions for individual countries
  • obtaining the necessary approvals and authorisations, paying the required taxes and
  • ensuring the promotion is carried out correctly
  • plus our team of auditors can oversee manufacturing processes, prize seeding and all aspects of winner selection

Our team have all the skills required to keep your brand free from risk in the most cost effective way. In addition, all our advisory work is backed by a £10 million Professional Indemnity Cover.

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