Competitions Management

Competitions, or Games of Skill, are a great opportunity to get the public to really engage with your brand.

However, they can also be complicated to administer properly, and frequently too little attention is given to the most crucial aspect of a competition – that of selecting the winners.  The UK ASA CAP Code requires competitions to have at least one judge who is ‘independent of the promoter and their intermediaries’ and most countries around the world have similar requirements that are designed to protect the public from unfair practices and cheating.

Need help with planning competitions?

PromoVeritas can help with all aspects of Competitions management from planning the judging criteria, providing expert judges, or forming a judging panel – with our promotions support we seek to take away all of the hassle and ensure a promotion is fully compliant. Having judged hundreds of thousands of entries from simple tie-breakers to photos on Instagram to new flavours for crisps, we can help plan and shape a competition expertly and take care of the hassle of reviewing and scoring entries, providing the client with a carefully selected shortlist of quality entries.

Build trust and compliance – use the experts.