Creative In Packs and ‘Widgets’ – Endless Opportunities

We call them widgets, but the public call them ‘amazing’, ‘original’, ‘exciting’ promotions! We are talking about the 21st Century version of Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket. It might be a chocolate bar that sings to you when you open it, a cornflakes packet that roars at you, or a specially made replica biscuit that plays the brand’s theme tune. We need to consider product safety (Is it secure? Will it cause a choke hazard? Will it be stolen from the factory?), product integrity (Can it be copied or hacked? Can it be spotted in store?), promotional integrity (Are they distributed fairly and randomly?) and consumer usage (Will they understand that they have won and how to claim their prizes?).  Regardless of what it does, a huge amount of care goes into the creation of each one so that we can bring joy and happiness to consumers! – Jeremy Stern, Managing Director.

So what is a so called ‘widget’? 

It is a creative in-pack device that is similar to a Willy Wonka style ‘Golden Ticket’ but with more oomph. It might be a light activated sound chip that is placed inside the pack and talks when uncovered. Or, it could be a special reproduction of the promoted brand (i.e. a fake chocolate bar), with a winning message inside, that is inserted in regular packs.

When Dairylea wanted to run a unique and exciting promotion with 10 dream holidays on offer, we created a ‘mooing cow’ widget. This resembled a normal Dairylea pack in both weight and shape, but when the pack was opened it emitted a loud moo, letting the winner know they had won a holiday. The Dairylea promotion was voted Best Promotion of the year and had a significant impact on sales. Read more about Dairylea Moo here.

Another creative in pack promotion we created was the Golden Frubes promotion for Yoplait. This featured 10 winners discovering a golden, shimmering plastic Frube that had been hidden inside promotional packs. PromoVeritas created a Frube shape in resin that was food and child safe, which we placed into regular packs. We managed the process end to end from creation of the widget, to taking winner calls to fulfilling the prizes of bespoke family days out.

Lastly, one of our favourite in pack widget promotions, would be Freia Talking Bar. We supported Mondelēz Norway with the creation of a completely fake tablet, which from the outer packaging looked and had the weight of your standard Freia chocolate bar, however it wasn’t.  There were 8 fake chocolate bars made and placed in stores, and if you were one of the lucky 8 to find a fake talking bar, you were instantly deemed as a winner. This was one of our very first widget type promotions and is certainly one we will not forget.

Whilst widgets are great fun for us, the client and consumers, strong attention to detail is required. We have a dedicated team of specialists who can create unique and bespoke products of your choice with ease and care. We will ensure we hit the creative brief you’re looking for, whilst taking safety into account (all widgets are fully tested by an accredited product testing service).

At PromoVeritas we know how to protect your promotion – however crazy the core idea may seem – and we take responsibility for the successful delivery, all the way from initial prototyping to finished product and winner management with your winners. If you are interested in discussing the role of widgets or even want some ideas of what would be suitable for your brand, please feel free to email or alternatively call +44 (0)20 3325 5988.