Let’s take a look at some exciting promos!

Thinking of different and creative ideas for running prize promotions that capture your consumers can be challenging sometimes. Looking back to 2018, there are so many brands that we can be inspired from and learn from for our future promotions! Below are just a handful of examples we’ve picked out.

Social Media Promotions: 

The summer of 2018 really began to heat up, when Auto Trader ran their social media promotion in conjunction with the World Cup. This promotion really got the nation gripped and the fact that England did so well, meant that more and more prizes were given away (12 cars in total)- probably a little more than the promoter had anticipated! This promotion was a great example of a unique social media campaign that got everyone involved and excited about being a part of. It ran on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the AutoTrader website with over 100,00 entries.

On Pack Winning Moments: 

Quaker Oats are currently running a winning moments on pack promotion giving away one prize everyday, offering consumers the chance to win a health package worth £1000 as well as a one-day gym pass for all valid entries.

Additionally, Carabao was again a winning moments on pack promotion, where there were 114,000 opportunities to win with a £1 million prize pool! The claim rates for this were great and even the all the lower value prizes were being claimed – who doesn’t love winning cash?

Judging Competition: 

Huawei ran their first worldwide photography competition from July – September 2018 in 10 markets across the globe! What was different and quite unique about this promotion, is the fact it was run with both artificial intelligent (robotic) and human judges! The aim was for the brand to invite consumers to submit their best image in keeping with the ‘Spark A Renaissance’ theme. All entries were then judged and in total there were over 1 million entries across the promo period! So something quite different, but definitely one that sparked interest among consumers.