Facebook Guidelines Update

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8th May 2017
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9th May 2017

Facebook have recently updated their Terms so we thought we would recap on what you can and can’t do with your next Facebook promotion.

You must:
  • Have a set of Terms and Conditions or a link to them in the promotional post that details entry requirements, prizes, closing dates etc.
  • Include a disclaimer that the promotion is in not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook – the best place for this is in the T&Cs
  • State in the Terms that Facebook can’t be held liable for anything related to your promotion
  • Check the local laws that your promotion may need to comply with
You can:
  • Host promotions on your Page
  • Host promotions a Facebook app
  • Ask users to like or comment on a post to enter
  • Ask users to post on a page or message that page to enter
  • Ask users to like as a form of voting
You can’t:
  • Host promotions on a personal page
  • Ask users to share on their personal timeline to enter
  • Ask users to like a page to be automatically entered
  • Ask users to tag friends in a post to enter
  • Ask users to share on a friend’s timeline to get additional entries

That’s it really but it is just as simple to get a Facebook promotion wrong and land your brand in hot water. All the promotions PromoVeritas run are carefully shaped and implemented to avoid the risk of breaking these rules and to ensure maximum engagement with consumers in a meaningful way. Contact PromoVeritas for regular updates and advice on info@promoveritas.com or call +44 203 325 6000.


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