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15th May 2018
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The provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (via the Data Protection Act 2018) are now in force. They herald a new era in data protection and how businesses handle the personal information of individuals. However a new report has revealed that three quarters of consumers are still relatively unconcerned about sharing their data.

The report, Global data privacy: What the consumer really thinks, commissioned by the Direct Marketing Association, the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations and Acxiom, surveyed 10 markets in 4 continents around the world and discovered :

  • Over 51% are happy to give up their personal data if there is a clear benefit for doing so
  • 26% are unconcerned about the use of their data
  • 51% rank ‘Trust in an organisation’ over ‘Free services’ when exchanging data
  • However 23% will not share their data at all and
  • 83% of consumers would like more control over their data
  • 86% believe that transparency about how their data is collected and used is important

These statistics show that consumers are more aware than ever before of their rights concerning the use of their data, and of the value it holds for businesses. However despite all the news about GDPR and data breaches from major brands, the public will still share their data – but only with brands that they trust.  So make sure that you have all the right policies and systems in place to protect the data and maintain your brand reputation.

Read the rest of the report here for more insight, or contact PromoVeritas if you require any help with GDPR audits, training or advice. It’s never to late to follow GDPR rules.

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