Influencer Legal Services for Brands & Agencies

The risk that influencers pose to the reputations of the brands that they promote cannot be underestimated.

At PromoVeritas we believe that a healthy relationship and understanding the rules for influencers is the best way for brands and influencer marketing agencies to gain the most from their endorsements, protecting both parties and leading to more meaningful content.

Influencer legal services

Our in-house legal team offer a cost-effective range of influencer legal services to help educate brands, agencies, talent agents and influencers and also to create the necessary framework for the rules and working relationships between them. Here are our key influencer services but we can create solutions that are tailor-made for your brand’s requirements, including contracts for influencer marketing.

Our Influencer Pack

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Legal Consultancy
  • Practical, pragmatic legal advice and support on specific campaigns.
  • In blocks of 2 hours.
Due Diligence
  • Background checks on influencers to identify any potential reputational issues and risks from their previous activities along with recommendations on how to ensure that they follow the rules.
Pre-Contract Checklist
  • A due diligence and onboarding review to assist with onboarding new influencers, containing common watchouts and considerations.
Influencer Marketing Contracts
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  • Drafting short-term ‘single project’ or longer-term ‘multiple’ contracts between brand/agency and the influencer.
  • Ensuring all parties are clear on contractual requirements and commitments on both sides
  • Provides solid protection to both parties.
  • Master template contracts for most situations.
  • Amendment or reviews of existing influencer contracts to ensure they are fit for purpose and straightforward.
Bespoke Training Workshops for brands and agencies

A two-hour training session will cover:

  • Picking the right influencer for your brand.
  • Basic checks: what to look out for and ask.
  • Key influencer marketing rules including :
    • CMA and Advertising Standards Authority guidance,
    • EU & UK law
    • Platform specific  rules
  • Running prize promotions via Influencers.
  • A hand-out and checklist of the key points to follow.
  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
Copy Review
  • Pre-checks on all  social media posts, copy or video content created by the Influencer to ensure compliance.
Compliance Checks
  • Spot-checks of influencer posts and hashtags to assess compliance with contract and agreed copy and set measures.

What our clients say…

Gemma Glover, Influencer Strategist, Engine Group

“Whenever I have any influencer worries, questions or need advice I will ALWAYS go to the team at Promo Veritas, they are always there at the end of an email or call and give me the exact advice I need. I remember when we had a VERY urgent issue with a client and I called the team at PV and they helped immediately, I trust their advice and expertise and they are my go-to for everything!”

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