Marketing Contracts

The very best help with your Supplier and Agency Marketing Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and agreements are essential for defining responsibilities and keeping businesses safe from potential liabilities. You may be a promoter seeking to confirm a campaign plan from a new agency, or you might be an agency needing to engage a new supplier to fulfil a particular role, or you could be preparing a new sponsorship package or buying prizes from an experience company.

Perhaps you want a celebrity to blog about your new product launch or engage the services of a data company to processing your consumer entry forms or data. All of these activities would benefit from having some form of agreement in place to cover the risks and in many cases meet legal obligations.

But how can you get a good agreement drafted fast and effectively?

Not everyone has an internal legal team, and even if you do, they tend to be busy and may not be able to prioritise your needs. Commercial lawyers will have little experience of real marketing issues and can be costly and time consuming.

This is why PromoVeritas is offering a specialist marketing contracts service – precisely the level of legal expertise and marketing knowledge you require at a fixed price. Our legal team will produce agreements and contracts that are clear and concise and cover the key risks and liabilities that should provide the basis for a long-term trouble-free relationship between the parties.

Some of types of contracts we can help with, either drafting or reviewing:

Brand sponsorship

Intellectual property

Celebrity endorsement


Data privacy policy

Supplier agreement

Master services