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You can run a promotion anywhere in the world with the support and global expertise of our in house legal team.  At PromoVeritas we specialize in delivering exceptional services implemented with promotional marketing, taking pride in our knowledge of how to run these promotions compliantly and in a legal manner.

Members of our legal team:

  • Debbie Grant – Head of Legal
  • Nathaniel Perera – Legal Executive
  • Tallulah Grace – Legal Executive
  • Ummay Masood – Paralegal
  • Beverly Saha – Legal Consultant

Key legal areas that we can help with:

  • Drafting summary and full terms and conditions
  • Conducting legal reviews
  • Legal Translations
  • RAG Reviews
  • GDPR Audits
  • Contracts
  • Advisory skills providing global expertise in compliance
  • In house lawyers

Sense Checks: We do the thinking for the client, e.g. an 18+ promotion where the prize is a trip to the states makes us immediately point out that a lot of hotels have a 21+ check in age and they either need written confirmation from the hotel or we need to amend the Terms. Or if a promoter wants to market around the Mexican Day of the Dead festival we’ll consider whether it’s verging on cultural appropriation.

Social Media: We take care of the simple things like checking hashtags before use, we know what can or can’t be done, and we can help scope a promotion as a young team of social media users. e.g. we know there’s no point running certain promotions on Twitter because engagement will only be good on Facebook, or vice versa. Plus we are up to speed on all the latest social media developments such as IG TV.

Judging Criteria for Comps: We ask the client what kind of entries they want to receive/win and then develop judging criteria for them to ensure they actually get from their promotion what they want, using our experience and knowledge

Marketing Coms, adverts and promotional materials: All broadcast ads have to be checked by Clearcast and we can review material first to ensure compliance and also avoid ASA Rulings.

Global Promotions: We suggest alternatives when ideas aren’t possible due to laws, and we handle all the administration and registrations.

For more help and advice with running promotions compliantly contact PromoVeritas on +44 203 325 6000 or email

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