2020 National Television Awards set for success!

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20th January 2020
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2020 marks the 25th anniversary of The National Television Awards, the UK’s leading TV awards event voted on exclusively by the British public. Each year millions of votes are cast by phone, telephone and web for the nation’s best loved television shows and celebrities. The results are then revealed live at London’s O2 in a spectacular event that is broadcast across the ITV network.

Last year over 11 million votes were cast, a record number to date and despite the trend for watching more and more content via online streaming sources such as Netflix instead of traditional television, all the indications are that this year’s voting numbers could be even greater.

A recent Ofcom report found that, “the way we watch TV is changing faster than ever before…but traditional broadcasters still have a vital role to play, producing the kind of UK programmes that overseas tech giants struggle to match.” Traditional broadcasters are also giving the online studios a run for their money by using their own streaming channels to create huge viewing figures for the shows and celebrities that the National Television Awards celebrates. For instance, last year contenders for NTA’s Top Drama included Killing Eve that racked up over 40 million views on BBC iPlayer, Line of Duty with 27 million views and 26 million for Peaky Blinders. All this proves that traditional prime-time TV shows are just as popular whether they are viewed online or terrestrial and that they fit well into the NTA Awards.

Ensuring the integrity of the voting for the National Television Award is vital. Since 2008, Indigo TV, the makers of the NTAs, have appointed and trusted PromoVeritas to oversee all aspects of the voting, from drafting the T&Cs to verifying the voting numbers to the handing out of the winning envelopes. As Andy Bates, Senior Producer at Indigo says

“In PromoVeritas, we have found a team that make life so easy. They do their task invisibly in the background, but are always available to add value and solid advice to any matter we raise with them. A delight to work with for over 10 years”.

Our broadcast verification experts monitor the voting throughout the entry period, auditing all the raw data received at the Long and Short list stages and pay close attention to any unusual voting patterns or duplicate vote whether they are received by phone, online or post. We are even there behind stage on the night to ensure that the right plaque is applied to the right Award and that they are handed out to the right people. All of this has to be done in total secrecy – something PromoVeritas can always be counted on for.

The vote is still open until 28th January 2020 at 12:00pm, so please do go ahead and participate, by voting at www.nationaltvawards.com.


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