Picking Your Own winners this summer?

We are so passionate about Running promotions Right, that this summer we will pick your winners for free!
That’s right. Get your next prize draw drawn free of charge by PromoVeritas. Relax, enjoy  the summer and  let us take care of all the hassle of ensuring full compliance with the laws and codes. It’s a great way to get introduced to all the other prize promotion services we offer.

You may already run lots of prize draws – they are so easy to set up – but they are also an easy way to get you into compliance trouble. The UK CAP Code (overseen by the ASA) states that winners should be selected by  – or under the supervision of – an independent person or observer like PromoVeritas. This is also best way to prove that the draw was fair and honest.

So don’t even think about PYO: Picking Your Own winners. Nor should you use one of your agencies. And if you are running your campaigns abroad it gets even more complicated, some countries require prior registration, the use of a government official or notary to oversee the draw and payment of taxes on prizes…

At Promoveritas we know the law of the draw inside out – here and abroad. And picking winners, fairly and compliantly, is what we do – thousands of times a year for hundreds of major brands – and we would like to do it for you too.

To claim your free prize draw simply email mark.stern@promoveritas.com or call 0203 325 6000.

Summary Terms & Conditions
Only open to Ltd UK Agencies/Brands. Max 1 reward per person. Single Prize Draw conducted for free. Claim by 16/09/19. Draw must close by 31/03/20. Visit www.promoterms.com/pickawinner for full T&Cs. Promoter: PromoVeritas Ltd, Pinner, HA5 5NE.


Run it Right.