Prize Draws

Prize Draws, or Games of Chance, are the easiest promotions to run and generally attract the most entries, but they still require care and attention in order to be fair and compliant.

In the UK, the CAP Code state that promoters must ensure that prize draws are run according to the laws of chance and…. winners selected by or under the supervision of an independent observer. This is true for prize draw agencies, publishers, brands, influencers and more. In some countries a government official or notary is required to oversee the draw.

How to run a prize draw

Do not be tempted to pick winners yourself, or use one of your agencies: they will not be deemed independent and you will have no audit trail and no way of proving that the draw was fair and not fixed. Using PromoVeritas as your prize draw agency removes all of the headache, whilst guaranteeing the integrity of your campaign and your brand’s reputation.

Whether your promotion involves one winner at the end of a campaign, or a daily or even hourly winner over several weeks, our Operations Team will ensure it is all done fairly and randomly, selecting precisely the number of winners at the specific times required for the promotion, and vetting the quality of entry data submitted at all stages.

Need help from a prize draw agency?

Looking to run a successful and compliant prize draw? Then get in touch with PromoVeritas to find out how we can help.