Legal Reviews

Running promotions in different countries can be difficult. Every country has its own laws, codes, and red tape to navigate.

There are also important cultural differences to consider. The situation gets more complicated if the aim is to run a promotion across more than one country. A Legal Review of your promotions will help to shape the campaign and will ensure that they run smoothly and compliantly in any market.

Sometimes it may not be possible to run exactly the same promotion in all countries; they just need adjusting. A Legal Review will establish if your promotional idea is a viable and practical ‘mechanic’. In some countries games of chance are banned or regulated, in others there are limits on the value of prizes that can be offered, or there are taxes to be paid.

The PromoVeritas Legal Team will use their extensive knowledge of international marketing compliance to create a bespoke and comprehensive document that will outline the legal issues for each country, any costs, taxes, registration, data or other requirements and then your options for creating a working promotion. The Review will then form the basis for the drafting of country specific Terms & Conditions.

Need help with legal review of promotions?

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