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10th January 2020
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20th January 2020

We are delighted to introduce you to Rapid, our new design service aimed at supporting our clients with any rush Point of Sale and digital jobs, using our talented in-house design team.

At PromoVeritas we have lived and breathed promotions for almost 20 years – and now with our Rapid POS Design Service we are able to help you deliver the ‘last mile’ of your campaign– directly in the supermarkets and at point of sale. Whether you have an urgent piece of material that needs to be created quickly or would just prefer to take the trouble of designing off your hands, Rapid has been put in place by PromoVeritas, to take on this responsibility and deliver our clients’ requirements.

Our designers are swift and promotionally focussed and can deliver your work with the minimum of fuss. Use Rapid Design  for fast, fixed fee deliverables that will will bring your promotion to life.


How it works…

  1. Initial Brief – Simply fill in our Briefing Sheet at  and our team will then review it to ensure we have everything we need to get started.
  2. Costs and Timelines – You will receive a simple proposal and once you confirm costs, we will begin work!
  3. Assets – We have a secure FTP site for receiving and distributing all creative, all you need to do is upload the brief and materials
  4. Project Delivery – We will email you a PDF (or other format based on what you prefer) and will action up to two rounds of amends FOC.
  5. Printing & Distribution – All designs will be ready to hand to you for your own printers, but when necessary we can provide a quote for our printing services.

Example pricing:

  • Shelf Talkers & Wobblers: From £400 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Posters: From £400 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Neck Collars: From £400 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Table Talkers: From £300 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Print Advert: From £500 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Product Labels: From £400 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Displays: From £750 + VAT (2-3-day turnaround)
  • Event Signage: From £300 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Scratch Cards: From £250 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Social Content: From £450 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Web Banners: From £250 + VAT (1-2-day turnaround)
  • Mini Sites: From £3,500 + VAT (4-7-day turnaround)





Our Terms of Service

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