Broadcast Voting

Never under estimate the importance of integrity when it comes to live voting TV shows and events.

If you lose the confidence of the public that your voting plans are fair and honest, you are likely to also lose viewers. PromoVeritas have been independent broadcast verification experts since 2006 and our belief in fairness and impartiality underpins the adjudication services that we offer from technology to spot and eliminate fake votes to guaranteeing that all of the winners in the golden envelopes are accurate and genuine.

Over the years there have been a series of scandals that cheated the public out of millions. In the UK, the regulator, Ofcom, levied fines of over £13million on TV stations found to have abused the rules on audience participation in the running of on-air prize competitions. Their Code now requires broadcasters to run their promotions fairly and obtain third-party verification on audience voting and competition entries made by viewers through premium rate services.

PromoVeritas has provided live broadcast phone vote verification and adjudication for:

  • Sports Personality of the Year
  • ITV: National Movie Awards and National TV Awards
  • Virgin: Britain’s Next Top Model
  • Camelot: Livestream Facebook promotions
  • Europe’s most popular live-broadcast Song Contest
  • The UK’s most popular live-broadcast celebrity dance show