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23rd June 2017

Morrisons fined for harassing unsubscribed customers

Last week the Information Commissioner’s Office (The ICO) fined supermarket chain Morrisons £10,500 for sending out emails to people who had already unsubscribed from their communications.
16th June 2017
Daily Mail Iceland Marmite Ruling

Daily Mail and Iceland told off over botched Marmite campaign

A Marmite promotion from the Daily Mail and Iceland received an ASA Ruling last week
12th June 2017

Countdown to HFSS advertising ban begins

CAP’s tough new rules on High Fat Sugar and Salt products officially come into effect on soon on July 1st 2017. Make sure you're fully prepared.
9th May 2017

That red swimsuit promotion that everyone is talking about

Last week Instagram and Twitter were in a frenzy, and all because of a simple swimsuit promotion run by US based Sunny Co Clothing. To win a free $64 swimsuit entrants simply had to repost the now infamous image and tag Sunny Co. within 24 hours.