15th March 2017

PromoVeritas Awarded Information Security ISO27001 Certification

Data security is now of vital importance to businesses of all sizes. Protection is needed from external attacks and internal mistakes as well as to ensure compliance with the soon to be enforced EU wide General Data Protection Regulations.
15th March 2017

10 Facts About Running Promotions in the Middle East

Are you looking to run a promotion in the Middle East? This is a vast area made up of so many countries - each with their own language, culture, values and politics - that the implications can be overwhelming.
8th March 2017


Always be in the know. PromoVeritas may be experts at promotional and […]
27th February 2017
The Drum: How to avoid an Oscars screw up and not end up in La La Land
Gemma Cutting, head of client management at PromoVeritas, looks into the fiasco and how it could have been avoided.