23rd February 2017

GDPR, the UK and Brexit: The Facts for Marketers

Recently the Direct Marketing Association revealed that a quarter of UK businesses will not be ready to meet the May 2018 deadline for changes to the way they gather, store and use data, as required by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Most of the worst delayers were branded goods makers.
18th February 2017
Social Media Promotions

What is the role of Social Media in promotions?

Is your brand just jumping on the bandwagon and running social media promotions effectively? What is the best social network for your audience? And do you know the rules about running promotions on social media?
15th February 2017

Top Tips for your Terms and Conditions

Our top tips for choosing the right prizes for your promotions this year
14th February 2017

Top Tips for Running USA Prize Promotions

Running USA prize promotions may not always plain sailing because different states have different laws. PromoVeritas have worked on many American promotions and are experts on all the issues and different requirements for running promotions in the USA.