There’s still time to run a great Halloween promotion!

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9th October 2017
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With the Halloween festivities fast approaching, it’s a great time for marketers to launch promotions, particularly on social media, that take advantage of its huge popularity and creative appeal.

We thought we’d take a look at some of the ways you can harness Halloween for your next promotion.

Instagram and Twitter have revolutionised brands exposure when running promotions and is great tool for executing important seasonal calendar dates, like Halloween. However, brands need to be cautious to the fact that this is a busy and competitive time of year for numerous markets, therefore they need to run promotions using techniques that stand out. Here is a classic example of a Halloween competition which involves posting a picture with a specific seasonal hashtag. This is an effective and simple way to get Instagram users involved by entering a free promotion that does not require much time to set up and manage.

Once an entrant uploads a photo and hashtag as specified in the caption they are automatically entered to win. If this was a prize draw mechanic, a random entry picker would then be used to draw a completely random winner.

Another example is of an effective Halloween Instagram promotion is this Ideal Home #ratemypumpkin photo competition where the most popular carved pumpkin wins. The judging element is best done by a panel because simply counting up each photo’s Likes leaves the promotion open to cheating. One way of combining both routes is to judge the Top 5 photos.

This Airbnb competition  combines a great Halloween prize with an engaging mechanic. To win a sleepover at a Dracula’s Transylvannian castle entrants had to submit a 550 word essay expressing what they would say if they met Dracula!

Top Tips

  1. Planning is key – Halloween is only several weeks away so if your promotion is not already running now is the time to go live!
  2. Timing – The end of September and early October is prime time to go live, to coincide with the shopping period. It gives your demographic time to purchase costumes or make up which may be required for your promotion.
  3. Simplicity – Make it easy for your entrants to get involved, this will increase responses during the promotional period.


Don’t forget the rules!

Yes, Instagram and Twitter promotions are great, however there are strict rules and guidelines which need to be followed for compliant, fair and successful promotions.

  1. The mechanic – we always encourage more creative use of Instagram such as photo competitions to make it more compelling and visually appealing to a wider demographics.
  2. Twitter – make is simple for those on the go and actively using the platform
  3. Summary terms and a link to full terms – this is best practice and a requirement of the CAP Code
  4. A full set of Terms and Conditions – at the very least these would need to include key information such as closing dates, the number of prizes available, any entry restrictions such as age – to protect both promoter and the consumer from abuse. The terms must also include the disclaimers that all social media platforms require of promotions
  5. Guarantee your prize – make sure you have enough prizes to supply demand

Announce the winners– this is another requirement of the CAP Code but also shows that your promotion is valid and being run fairly!

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