Why Your Next Campaign should include User Generated Content

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1st November 2017
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21st November 2017

Digital Strategy experts Extreme Creations asked for our Top Tips on running User Generated Content (UGC) in a recent article.

Jeremy Stern, Managing Director at PromoVeritas, says: “Many of our clients’ campaigns involve inventive forms of UGC such as selfies, photos, designs, tie-breakers and even inventions. UGC promotions tend to create a bigger buzz and are more likely to go viral – particularly when there is voting involved.”

To ensure that your UGC promotion is a winner, you must plan ahead and have a solid set of Terms and Conditions that cover-off any impending disasters. Building checks and time for moderation and adjudication in to your campaign plan is also essential.”

Top tips for creating successful UGC campaigns

  • Ask users to share photographs / stories with you – give a clear CTA to encourage fans to post
  • Create a brand hashtag and use this on social media, particularly Instagram, to monitor engagement from your “brand ambassadors”
  • Monitor indirect mentions of your products, brand or service
  • Develop a “wall” of UGC so users can see the community they’re part of
  • Consider where you can repurpose UGC to build trust both online and offline
  • Be mindful of what can go wrong when you encourage users to engage with your brand, and be prepared to put out fires quickly

Executed well, a UGC campaign can work wonders for your brand’s engagement and, ultimately, loyalty longevity. Take simple steps such as sharing and engaging with posts users have tagged your brand in to test the waters, before building up to create brand hashtags and wider UGC campaigns.

Read the full version here or for support and advice on running your next UGC promotion contact PromoVeritas on +44 (203) 325 6000 or email info@promoveritas.com.


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