What we do and why

Our name literally means truth in promotions

PromoVeritas are not simply a marketing agency who run great prize promotions. Our passion is running great promotions right, so they are safe for consumers to enter, and so that the brands and agencies behind them are free from any risk.

the gap

Our company was founded in 2002 to bridge the gap between creative marketing ideas and compliant legal execution. We help brands and their agencies keep their marketing and promotions on the right side of the law.

Our vision is to use our knowledge, expertise, care and passion for detail to ensure that all types of promotions via whatever medium are conceived and delivered fairly, securely and in compliance with the law and general best practice.

In this way PromoVeritas will protect both the interests of the brand, their agencies and also the consumer, who with increased confidence about the fair operation of the promotion, will be more likely to participate.

Winning trust worldwide

Whilst consumers trust brands to provide quality goods at a fair price, they also expect them to run their prize promotions fairly and legally. Who can brands or their agencies trust for this crucial task?

At PromoVeritas we stand between promoters and their consumers as a symbol of independence, fairness, and impartiality, upholding the CAP Code in the UK and the local laws around the world. It is this integrity that builds genuine trust between brands and consumers.

Our core principle is to

Run it Right.

We could list every service we offer…

Ok we will

  • Promotional Consultancy

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    Global promotional advice

    With over 13,000 promotions under our belt, there is no one more experienced and knowledgeable about running promotions in any country or any medium.

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    Creative ‘in-pack’ Widgets

    Hiding a ‘widget’ such as a replica chocolate bar, a golden ticket or a light-activated device that alerts a customer to their win in promotional packs gains sales, impact, trade support and consumer excitement. They also they require our level of creativity, and production and Health & Safety knowledge.

  • PromoCheck concept research
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    Marketing contracts

    Professional drafting and reviews of your Supplier and Agency Marketing Contracts and Agreements. Precisely the level of legal expertise and marketing knowledge you require at a fixed price.

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    We are happy to share our knowledge of how to do things right with our brands and their agencies – from online to on – pack, from cloud – based to overseas promotions – so that they can learn how to protect marketing campaigns, promotions and reputations.

  • Legal Knowledge

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    Global legal advice

    Whether your brand is a house – hold favourite running a multi-country promotion or an up and coming product wishing to expand into new territories, PromoVeritas know all the rules and have the experience to make sure your campaign will be a success from start to finish.

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    Legal Reviews

    Our legal reviews provide an ‘at a glance’ report on how easy or challenging it is to run a promotion in specific countries or markets.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Terms and Conditions provide valuable information to the entrant and legal protection for the promoter. Poorly written or terms borrowed from another activity are a recipe for problems and a potential legal disaster. Our in-house Legal Team offers a unique and tailormade service so that your Terms can be written to reflect the tone of voice of your brand.

  • Influencer Services
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    Overseas registrations

    No need for costly lawyers or the risk of fines for poorly implemented promotions overseas. Our team handle registrations, pay fees and cut through red-tape.

  • £10 million global indemnity insurance
  • Digital Expertise

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    Branded microsites

    We create and host promotional microsites with the end in mind – happy winners and customers. Whatever the objective or the promotion, our websites deliver world class design built securely and with ease of entry in mind.

  • System reviews
  • Data collection
  • Secure API
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    Social media promotions

    We believe that social media promotions deserve the same amount of planning and dedication as all promotions. Our teams have run thousands of social media promotions and are one step ahead when it comes to new rules and new platforms.

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    Hosting services

    A quick and cost-effective way to host your Terms & Conditions, Winner Lists and Privacy Policies without complications.

  • Implementation

  • Prize draws
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    Competitions, or Games of Skill, are a great opportunity to create a buzz and get the public to really engage, but they can also be complicated to administer properly as they usually require an independent judge to protect the public from any cheating or unfair practices.

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    Instant Wins

    Instant win promotions are a truly captivating and inventive way to engage with consumers. In pack or on-pack, in-store, online and even by text, our team of experts can help eliminate any risk and ensure the smooth running of your campaign.

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    Unique Codes

    PromoVeritas can supply an on-pack promotion with any number of unique codes, visit the factories to secure production, conduct the integrity checks on websites and systems to guarantee compliance and handle the process of distributing the winner packs, winning claims and winner verification and management.

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    Controlled Prize Placement

    CPP is simply the task of hiding winning items in supermarkets and retail outlets as part of a campaign. Like Willy Wonka who hid five golden tickets amongst millions of his chocolate bars PromoVeritas are experts at ensuring this procedure is carried out fairly, randomly and securely.

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    Broadcast & Live-Voting

    We provide independent adjudication and voting for live TV shows and events such as the National Television Awards, guaranteeing that the winners in the golden envelopes are always accurate and genuine.

  • Winner Experience

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    Prize & Reward Research

    Our team are experts at developing prize ideas, sourcing products and negotiating with suppliers to ensure the best price so that your promotion can go even further.

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    Winner Communications

    After spending time and money developing a first class promotion why risk your reputation when it comes to the winners? We craft emails, phone scripts, text messages and Q&A pages to alert entrants of their wins, handle queries and coordinate the delivery of prizes carefully to ensure a promotion results in only happy winners.

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    Dedicated Winner Claim Lines

    Our dedicated telephone claim lines are a must for promotions with a high volume of winners and we can scale our service according to demand with our trained and professional call team.

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    Global Prize Fulfilment

    We can arrange the organisation and distribution of any prize, anywhere in the world. Our fulfilment team will ensure the smooth delivery of all types of prizes from voucher codes, to hampers, to gaming consoles – we take care of it all.

We Rule The Rules

The laws and rules surrounding promotions around the world are too complex and different to mention, so here is a snapshot of the main regulations.

& Globally

The rules relating to running promotions are different all across the world. Even within regions such as the European Union or the Arab Peninsula there is no single rulebook and following the correct rules can be a minefield for promoters.

Each country has its own legislation, language, culture and red-tape to navigate and the penalties for abusing these can be huge fines, or even prison. This is why PromoVeritas have developed an expansive knowledge and practical experience of running successful promotions anywhere in the world.
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