Why Text to Win?

Recently, we have seen an increasing amount of brands planning promotions via the Text to Win route. These types of promotions, because of their simplicity of the entry mechanic, are loved by consumers! We run a lot of Text to Win promotions with Mondelēz with prizes ranging from merchandise to family holidays and we do tend to see great entry numbers.

Text to wins are versatile in the way that they are structured. They can be linked to purchase, ensuring that in order to be able to successfully enter, consumers must purchase a participating SKU of a product and then they must text in with the last 3/4 digits of their barcode. Alternatively, if purchase is necessary – consumers may be required to send in proof of purchase with their receipt, in order to be regarded as a valid entry. However, you can opt for the promotion being non purchase related, and more and more Text to Win campaigns are starting to do this, where they rely solely on point of sale material in stores, for consumers to engage with.

The majority of Text to Win campaigns are prize draws; selecting winners by chance either daily, weekly or at the end of the promotion period. This seems to be the most popular option for our clients, but recently the mechanic of Text to Win Winning Moments is becoming a method which is being considered more.

So what does this entail?

Whether linked or not linked to purchase, consumers must text the keyword to the short code (with the last 4 digits of the bar code if linked to purchase) and they will receive a text back instantly, which will confirm whether they have won or not, based on the predetermined winning moments that was set up beforehand. This method allows for an easy entry mechanic, which we know consumers engage with (purely from the number of entries we receive) and giving them the instant gratification of finding out if they have won there and then rather than waiting until the end of the promotion period to find out.

You might be thinking “What is a predetermined winning moment?”. This is a predetermined moment in time (determined by the hour, minute and even the second) during the promotion period and the first consumer to enter (via text) on or first after that moment in time will be deemed the winner. If we don’t receive an entry from a consumer before the next winning moment, we can either void the first one and therefore not give away the prize, or we can roll the winning moment over, giving more consumers the chance to win later.

The number of winning moments will depend on the number of prizes in the campaign. So if there’s just one prize, it’s just the one winning moment. If there are 300 prizes, we’ll generate 300 winning moments. This process is completely independent and tamper proof, so you don’t need to worry about the complexities – leave that to us!

If you have any queries or are thinking about running a unique text to win promotion, contact danielle.raperport@promoveritas.com who can support and scope your ideas, whatever it may be!