‘Widgets’ and Creative In-Packs

If you are bored of the same old prize draw or competition mechanic as a means of increasing sales or displays for your brand, how about choosing a ‘Widget’ instead? A widget will gain you impact, trade support, consumer excitement and help to achieve your objectives. But what is a widget?

It is a creative in – pack device that is similar to a Willy Wonka style ‘Golden Ticket’ but with more oomph. For example it might be a light activated sound chip that is placed inside the promoted brand, and talks when uncovered, announcing that person as the winner of a great prize. Or it could be a special reproduction of the promoted brand, with a winning message inside, that is inserted in regular packs. Either way, widgets are great fun but do involve a lot of complicated steps along the way. PromoVeritas are experts in this field, and have worked with suppliers across Europe to create a wide range of widgets.


When Dairylea wanted to run a unique and exciting promotion with 10 dream holidays on offer, we created a ‘mooing cow’ widget. This resembled a Dairylea triangle in both weight and shape, but when the pack was opened it emitted a loud moo announcing the owner had won a holiday and could claim via the phone number inside. Read more about Dariylea Moo here

Another creative in pack promotion we created was the Golden Frubes promotion for Yoplait. This featured 10 winners discovering a golden, shimmering plastic frube that had been hidden inside  promotional packs. PromoVeritas worked with a specialist supplier to create a frube shape in resin that was food and child safe and then we delivered the entire promotion, from taking winner calls to actually fulfilling the prizes of bespoke family days out.


Strong attention to detail is required, along with a full understanding of health and safety laws (all widgets are full tested by an accredited product testing service) as well as a need to liaise closely with the client’s factory and production staff for the actual creation and insertion. But the end result is always worth it. The Dairylea promotion was voted Best Promotion of the year and had a significant impact on sales.

We are also currently working on some exciting new in pack widgets for 2020.

If you are interested in discussing the role for widgets in your business, or you require further advice and information please feel free to email us at info@promoveritas.com or call our phone number 020 3325 6000 and we will be happy to help!