Instant Wins

Instant win competitions and promotions are a captivating and inventive way to engage with customers.

The thrill of finding a hidden golden ticket in a bar of chocolate or entering a special unique code inside the pack into a website to discover you’re a winner is impossible to match.

But with excitement comes risk. How can you ensure that exactly the right number of winning packs have been produced, how do you guard against false claims and  how do you meet the requirements of the ASA CAP Code  8.25 that states that winning tickets should “be awarded on a fair and random basis, and verification must take the form of an independently audited statement that all prizes have been distributed…in that manner”.

With high value prizes in instant win competitions, brands need to be aware of the potential areas of fraud or risk and put checks in place to ensure that everything is secure – from the printing of the tickets to the website where codes are entered. As a leading promotional marketing agency, our Operations team and nationwide network of carefully selected auditors can manage the whole process from start to finish.

Need help with instant win promotions?

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