How we can help you succeed

We are not simply an agency who run great prize promotions. Our passion is running great promotions right, so they are safe for consumers to enter, and so that the brands and agencies behind them are free from any risk.

Promotional expertise

Working to bridge the gap between creative marketing ideas and compliant legal execution for clients who want to keep on the right side of the law, protect their budgets and reputations.

Legal advice

Our in-house legal team is here to assist and advise on any type of promotion, anywhere in the world. We can help to shape your promotional idea and ensure that it can run wherever you want it to.


Our experienced team provide a responsive and crucial function in project management to deliver campaigns for a range of clients across the world, seamlessly and compliantly.


PromoVeritas is at the forefront of innovation, providing businesses with the latest technology and tools to help them run successful promotions.


PromoInsights is an analytical tool provided by PromoVeritas to provide a visual key insights reports across individual and multiple promotions based on the analysis of entry data.