6 May 2024

PromoVeritas honoured with King’s Award

PromoVeritas honoured with a King’s Award for Enterprise for its international trade efforts. 6 May 2024, London, PromoVeritas, the leading global prize promotion specialist, based in […]
2 May 2024

Ambush Marketing – How to compliantly take brand advantage of trademarked events

Whether you’re a sponsor or a partner, or you simply want to ‘get in on the game’, you need to be aware of the strict rules […]
8 February 2024

Navigating Third Party Cookies in 2024: How Brands Can Thrive

In the fast-evolving world of data-driven digital marketing, brands must ensure the same pace is applied when it comes to staying compliant with data protection laws. […]
6 February 2024

When Prize Promotions Go Wrong!

When prize promotions go wrong they can make headlines, damage budgets and reputations.  If you have watched the Netflix ‘Pepsi, Where’s my Jet’ documentary you will […]
31 January 2024

The Grocer: How to master prize promotions & boost engagement

The Grocer invited Jeremy Stern to share his experience of the world of promotions “which can be difficult to navigate and legal issues are all too […]
10 January 2024

How To Optimise Performance of Prize Promotions!

In a first of its kind study we have put more than 400 consumer prize promotions under the microsope to reveal 5 actionable insights for marketers… […]
5 January 2024

Take the risk out of your next influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is growing at a rapid rate, however, this growth has made the marketing format more heavily scrutinised, with questions about legality and compliance often […]
30 November 2023

I win £15k worth of prizes every year – here’s how

Di Coke initially started ‘comping’ to try and get free music festival tickets. Then she started making serious money! Jeremy Stern, CEO of PromoVeritas, promotional compliance […]
23 November 2023

Influencer Marketing: Top Tips to Stay Compliant

Brands are investing little of their overall digital budgets in Influencer Marketing, just 4% of the $667 billion spent globally on digital advertising. With increasingly expensive […]